Vigilint–Your personal guide to Social Media Analysis

Vigilint is a cutting-edge social media monitoring tool, based strategically on open source intelligence. It is developed to accomplish a number of analysis over the social media platforms along with other websites including news, job portals and various search engines. The tool helps in gathering a wide range of information from these portals, which can prove vital for businesses. It is highly secure and safe mechanism so as to easily fetch data from numerous social networking domains and allows the vast array of content to be instantly searched, segmented and analyzed for effective use.

Vigilint drastically enhances the capability to discover, curate and analyze massive volumes of information in an orderly fashion to provide monitoring. It can be beneficial to detect the early warning signals of developing any possible threat streams or just to simply understand and engage your target audience digitally.

With this tool, analysts are now no longer physically limited to the number of online sources and searches that can be conducted on a daily basis through tedious manual processes.

This basic functionality is based on key elements like